About us

Huurre Panama, was established as the first regional company in Central America, to manufacture, in a continuous production line, sandwich panels with a high density polyurethane insulation core; using the latest technology and providing solutions to the most advanced trends of architectural and engineering applications within the construction industry.

Huurre Panama has the support and technology transfer of two associated companies; Huurre Iberica, Spain and Panama’s Industrias Correagua. ; thus manufacturing, metal panels for roofing systems, facades and cold storage applications, using high quality raw materials and modern technological practices that comply with the highest international standards.

Huurre Panama is committed to providing innovative products that promote and improve the quality of life of its customers and the people living and working in the buildings using our products; polyurethane insulated panels have as one of its main features; to provide comfort that no other material can provide, reducing also the thermal effect and savings in electric energy and in air conditioning consumption.

The use of our products, metal sandwich panels insulated with polyurethane core, in different applications, demonstrate its advantages during the construction processes, highlighting its easy modulation and quick installation, both for roofing systems, walls, facades and cold storage applications.


Take advantage and leverage the strength and experience of its local and global partners of Huurre Panama, to consolidate the company and turn it into the region’s leader, serving the market with high quality products, thus guaranteeing the return on investment to shareholders.


Create an agile, multidisciplinary and efficient organization motivated to work in a stable and productive environment, with a team work and customer service culture committed to generate a sense of belonging among its employees.


Getting the job done and well, through effort and dedication, applying the necessary values that allows us to measure and achieve the goals and objectives laid out by the management of the company.