Huurre Panama

Huurre Panama is committed to providing innovative products that promote and improve the quality of life of its customers and the people living and working in the buildings using our products; polyurethane insulated panels have as one of its main features; to provide comfort that no other material can provide, reducing also the thermal effect and savings in electric energy and in air conditioning consumption.


Take advantage and leverage the strength and experience of its local and global partners of Huurre Panama…


Create an agile, multidisciplinary and efficient organization motivated to work in a stable and productive environment…


Getting the job done and well, through effort and dedication, applying the necessary values…


Its architectural design is ideal for facades, walls of buildings, warehouses, etc.
High mechanical strength that allows greater separation between supports.

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Cameras specially designed to build industrial refrigeration, food processing, commercial, storage and refrigeration. Suitable for fixed or mobile spaces.

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Thermal and acoustic insulation of high performance. The panel is designed to be used interchangeably
horizontal or vertical mounting. Hidden fasteners.

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Convenient installation and fixing, it tongue and groove fit using flashing guarantees
tightness and hidden fasteners. High mechanical strength.

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Public Works


Residential & Leisure